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PureFlow SL Water and Dialysate Preparation System

NxStage PureFlow SL offers water purification and dialysate production in one integrated unit specifically designed for use at home or in-centre.

The NxStage System One with PureFlow SL is a preconfigured haemodialysis system, designed, tested, and validated to yield AAMI/ANSI/ISO quality (which includes standards for chemical and chlorine/chloramine testing) water and dialysate for in-centre and home use.*

PureFlow minimises the delivery, storage, inventory management, and disposal challenges associated with prepackaged bagged dialysate. Each bag of concentrate replaces between eight and twelve 5-litre bags of prepackaged dialysate, depending on your patient’s prescription.


Patient preferred and recommended1†

  • Compact size
    The PureFlow chassis and control unit weigh approximately 27 and 16 kg, respectively, and are combined the same size as a standard end table. In addition, the batch preparation dialysate system of PureFlow eliminates the need for bagged dialysate storage and handling.
  • No permanent plumbing or electrical modifications needed
    Simple faucet, undersink, and washer hook-up adapters are all that are needed to install PureFlow.
  • Less water waste
    Deionization (DI) technology with dual bed DI resin redundancies uses 100 percent of source water.
  • Lower source water flow rate
    Accommodates more home water sources than alternative water purification systems, allowing 3.2 gallons/hour vs. 48-120 gallons/hour.
  • Continuous water purity monitoring
    Even if source water integrity changes over time, the PureFlow SL output water quality does not change.
  • Convenient dialysate batch process
    The dialysate SAK reduces bag handling, storage, and disposal. It is pre-filled with concentrate to make up to 60 litre of dialysate or up to 3 treatments per batch. It is designed for patient ease of use with no user intervention required during batch making. Premixed Bagged Dialysate is also available for home patients in sterile, 5 litre bags, with a variety of fluid configurations.

* Source water must meet purity requirements listed in the PureFlow SL User Guide.

† Patient surveys were sent to all 934 active PureFlow SL users on record at the time, of which 288 (or 31%) responded.

For information on how you can order, speak with your local NxStage Representative.



The PureFlow SL System prepares batches of dialysate in the following formulations and volumes:
Constituents (mEq/L) SAK-301/401 SAK-302/402 SAK-303/403 SAK-304/404 SAK-305/405 SAK-306/406 SAK-307/407
Lactate 45 mEq/L (45 mmol/L) 40 mEq/L (40 mmol/L) 45 mEq/L (45 mmol/L) 45 mEq/L (45 mmol/L) 45 mEq/L (45 mmol/L) 45 mEq/L (45 mmol/L) 40 mEq/L (40 mmol/L)
Potassium 1 mEq/L (1 mmol/L) 1 mEq/L (1 mmol/L) 1 mEq/L (1 mmol/L) 2 mEq/L (2 mmol/L) 1 mEq/L (1 mmol/L) 2 mEq/L (2 mmol/L) 1 mEq/L (1 mmol/L)
Sodium 140 mEq/L (140 mmol/L)
Calcium 3 mEq/L (1.5 mmol/L) 3 mEq/L (1.5 mmol/L) 3 mEq/L (1.5 mmol/L) 3 mEq/L (1.5 mmol/L) 3 mEq/L (1.5 mmol/L) 3 mEq/L (1.5 mmol/L) 3.5 mEq/L (1.5 mmol/L)
Magnesium 1 mEq/L (0.5 mmol/L)
Chloride 100 mEq/L (100 mmol/L) 105 mEq/L (105 mmol/L) 100 mEq/L (100 mmol/L) 101 mEq/L (101 mmol/L) 100 mEq/L (100 mmol/L) 101 mEq/L (101 mmol/L) 105 mEq/L (105 mmol/L)
Glucose 100 mg/dl
Batch Size 60 L 60 L 50 L 60 L 40 L 50 L 50 L
  1. Data on file. NxStage survey conducted June 2007.
APM2164-ENG Rev. A